Growing crops indoors is becoming very common as it not only helps you save money on growing foods but also a range of plants at the same time. However, the biggest challenge to indoor growing or farming is getting the most appropriate and efficient lighting technologies.

Most grow lights make it hard to support your indoor garden especially with the light and growth they need. This is because they compromise on the light spectrum provided, the focus and also the light intensity. However, manufacturers such as ViparSpectra, growers have what they need for proper plant growth. ViparSpectra LED Grow Lights provide more benefits to many different growing areas without compromising on anything. Below are the best five ViparSpectra LED Grow Lights discussed in details.

1. ViparSpectra PAR600 600W 12-Band LED Grow Light

Another grow light that is ideal for all types of indoor plants, vegetables and flowers at any stage of growth. It contains an aluminium cooling heat sink that’s good to regulate heat as well as silent, high-speed fans which run up to 70% cooler than other lights.

Comparing it to other models, it has a power draw of 285 watts. Since the LEDs will last for approximately 100,000 hours, the user doesn’t have to change a bulb. It’s mounted to provide a 90-degree angle down straight to the crops. With a high intensity and bright 5W LEDs, the grow light is more reliable and created by a Bridgelux manufacturer who is known.

• The inbuilt materials are sturdy and robust.
• Have three cooling fans that are not noisy but efficient in air and heat regulation.
• The product is simple to set up and use
• Comes with three-year warranty.

• It’s not waterproof.
• It can be extremely bright.

2. ViparSpectra Dimmed Series PAR700W LED Grow Light

This Grow Light contains three dimmers and 12 band spectrums full for efficient indoor crops. Engineered scientifically to help keep proper balance to the Lumen/PAR coverage and also has secondary optical lens which contributes to magnify PAR as well as increase the penetration of canopy up to 200% and on the other hand the adjustable and individual White, Red and Blue dimmer allows proper precise three-way channel control of light spectral.

• Consumes less energy of 326 watts compared to other similar models.
• It contains fans that allow it to remain cool.
• It normally optimises the full light spectrum needed by plants at all growth stages
• Its lifespan has been enhanced
• When purchasing it, you get a 30-day return guarantee as well as three years warranty.

• It is not waterproof

3. ViparSpectra Reflector –Series 900w LED Grow Light

This is the next generation grow lights contains the full layout of the light spectrum, an upgraded cooling aluminium heat sink as well as a reflector design which ideally is suitable for indoor crops such as flowers and vegetables at any stages of growth. It is scientifically engineered to provide balance to the lumen/ PAR output as well as the coverage.

• It’s made of durable and sustainable materials to give it more lifespan.
• Provides the best full light spectrum to plants at any stages of growth.
• For heat dissipation purposes, it contains a large cooling heat sink made of aluminium together with inbuilt fans.
• Normally comes with 30-day customer satisfaction and three years warranty.

• It’s extremely bright

4. ViparSpectra Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light

This is one of the best and superior designs currently in the market. Its LED Grow Light has been made in a way that it distributes light evenly to the plants. When it comes to energy efficiency, it usually consumes 276 watts which is much less compared to others, and the light provides sufficient brightness for all growth stages of plants.

• It’s safe to use the product
• The inbuilt fans produce less noise
• Its structure and materials are stable and work effectively on plants
• It’s affordable compared to other.

• It’s not resistant to water

5. ViparSpectra Reflector Series 450 Watts

Every time you select a LED to grow light, you want to make sure it’s the best and that the case with the ViparSpectra Reflector Series V450 LED grow lights. It’s 70% cooler when compared to other products like HID lid. This is made possible by the inbuilt cooling fans and cooling heat sink. When buying the ViparSpectra grow lights, you also get one reflector of 450W, a 6-food power cord and also one hanging kit.

• Its design materials are durable and well built
• Discharges a very bright light containing many colours like red, blue and white lights
• It’s more affordable comparing it to other models that are similar.
• The two inbuilt fans work quietly and efficiently keeping the system cool when operating.
• The grow light well balanced, and you can easily hang in any place you want.
• It also comes with 3-year warranty.

• Its light coverage is not comprehensive.