Top  Best 3000 Watt LED Grow Light Review 2018(updated 2019)
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Top Best 3000 Watt LED Grow Light Review 2018(updated 2019)

If you’re setting up a grow room, then a grow light is an accessory you’ll want to invest in to ensure healthy growth. A 3000 watt led grow light, in particular, is one of the best types on the market. However, there are many brands that make this strength of led light. To help you narrow down the choices, take a look at the top grow lights listed below.

Best 3000 Watt LED Grow Light

01. 3000 Watt LED Grow Light, the King Plus by King LED

The King Plus grow light is designed to maximize photosynthetically active radiation or PAR output. This is due to its 300 10 Watt dual-chip LEDs. It uses Epistar brand LEDs. This grow light is ideal for the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth. It should be on 12-14 hours a day for vegetative growth, 9-12 hours for flowering and fruiting plants depending on how much sun your plants love.

The King brand grow light is 26” x 15” x 6”. It has a roughly 8’ by 8’ coverage area or grow tent. They recommend the grow light be four to six feet above the plants. The grow light itself weights roughly sixteen pounds.

The expected lifespan for this LED grow light is 100,000 hours. The light output is equivalent to a 3000 Watt HPS grow lamp, but it only consumes 615 Watts of energy. It has several heat sinks and four relatively quiet fans. One point in its favor is how easy it is to use.

This LED grow light comes with a dual dimmer along with the standard on/off switch. You don’t need extra ballast for it to work. While it doesn’t have a timer, it can be controlled by many timer models available on the market. The King LED grow light also comes with a power cord and hanging hook that makes it easy to install.

Note that this system does put out UV and IR radiation, so don’t look at it directly when it is on. It isn’t water-proof, so don’t use it outside or let it get sprayed with water when irrigating your plants.

One downside of this LED grow light is that the LEDs do not have their own resistors. If one LED burns out, everything in the chain is burned out before you replace the LED. In short, if one LED burns out, the whole row dies. It can take time to get replacement panels when several rows of LED lights burn out. When one row or more burn out, the remaining LEDs remain bright, but they now burn out even faster. You don’t want this to be left unaddressed, since repeated failures can cause the unit to get very hot.


•Ease of use
•Comes with all the hardware
•Full-spectrum light
•Large coverage area


•When one light goes, the whole row goes
•Replacing lights is time-consuming

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02. 3000 Watt Full Spectrum, Dimmable LED Grow Light by Morsen

This Morsen brand full spectrum LED grow light has 236 red lights, 40 blue lights, 16 white lights, 4 infrared lights and four UV lights or 300 total. The broad spectrum light supports plants whether you are germinating seeds, growing seedlings, fostering vegetative growth or have flowering plants. This is the best 3000 Watt LED grow light for those who want to nurture their plants through every phase of their lifecycle. It comes with a single hanging hook and power cord.

The unit has six built-in cooling fans to prevent it from overheating. Between the isolated power connections and excellent cooling system, it won’t overheat even if a few lights have burned out to the point the rest of the board is overloading. This grow light’s fans are surprisingly quiet.
The unit is very energy efficient. It puts out as much light as a 3000 watt HPS grow light, but it only consumes 560 Watts.

The unit is 19” long by 13” wide by 4” thick. It weighs roughly 17 pounds. The coverage area is 6.5 feet squared.
The Morsen 3000 Watt grow light has an estimated life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. In theory, this unit has a shorter operating life than the King Plus model.

The better reliability of the LEDs and its supporting electrical connections mean it will probably put out full light for its entire operational life. (Every LED has its own Zener diode, so one burning out won’t kill a whole row of lights.) On the flipside, the average life expectancy of each LED is shorter, so you’ll probably have a few burned out bulbs.

Because it puts out UV light, never look directly into the light bulbs even though the UV light bulbs look dim relative to the colored lights.

This grow light is not water-proof. Don’t put outside or splash it with water.


•Energy efficient
•One burned out bulb won’t turn off a whole row
•Easy to replace light bulbs
•Excellent heat dissipation


•Modest coverage area

.Not water proof.

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best 3000w led grow light infograph
best 3000w led grow light infographic

2. Derlights 3000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Lamp

This is one of the top 3000W led grow lights because of its features, affordable price, and great reviews. If you’re looking for a solid option, this one is well worth considering. Similar to the previous model, this has a blue color with six strips of lights to ensure even and healthy growth. It is also designed with red, blue, orange, and white LEDs to provide plants with the proper light wavelengths they need to grow healthy through each stage.

If you’ve experienced overheating, this unit is going to be a welcome change. It has been designed with an efficient cooling system that reduces heat, minimizes sound and runs better than traditional cooling systems. This light also reduces power consumption b only using 600W, which can reduce your bills without compromising your yield.

The lightweight design of this light means you can easily hang and secure it above your plants with ease. It can also be used in grow tents, grow rooms, greenhouses, or any other indoor spaces you need to encourage healthy growth for plants.


– Can help reduce your energy bills so you can grow without guilt or the extra expense
– Uses a full spectrum of light to produce the healthiest plants possible
– Can cover a 7.8′ x 4.6′ space when hung at 24″
– Long-lasting; you can expect to use this for around 50,000 hours
– Unique cooling fan system that increases efficiency while reducing heat


– Some buyers have reported missing parts upon delivery
– Doesn’t come with a warranty, like similar lights do
– Not as many reviews as other lights have
– There are cheaper lights with the same wattage available

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Choosing Your Light

Finding the top 3000 watt led grow light should be met with some research on the pros, cons, and features. With this information, it’ll be easier to decide which is right for you. Once you find the right light, you can enjoy growing healthy plants indoors without the struggle of using natural light.