LED grow lights have rapidly brought change over time since they were first introduced to the market. Their potential to support proper plant growth has become one of the best alternatives to natural sunlight. They have been designed to mimic sunlight to help plants grow healthier and produce more yields. What most people are considering today is the Platinum LED Grow Lights because they are the most powerful LED grow lights that are available in the market.

They feature higher PAR per watt compared to other, and their band spectrum is complete. The lights maximize yields by using less power and heat. The spectral output and PAR produces quality; strong LED grows light. To provide further details here are some of the top five Platinum LED grow lights with all their features.

#05:Platinum Advanced Series P900 900W 12-band LED Grow Light.

There is a reason why horticulturalists look for in Platinum glow lights, first is that they contain the highest Lumen output per watt/PAR compared to any other grow light. Meaning that you get twice or thrice the intensity an ordinary bulb can give. This in terms contributes to high yield because of a strong response of photosynthesis.it has a 12 band spectrum providing a perfect combination of infrared and ultraviolet radiation to cater for the plants.

The product comes with a secondary 90- degree focusing lenses to ensure that every corner of the plant gets equal amounts of light. Its lifespan is approximately 100,000 hours hence no need to change the grow light anytime. It has a dimension of 36 inches by 3 inches by 12 inches making it more convenient for indoor gardens. It usually consumes 515 watts of power effectively replacing HPS consuming 1000W. It costs $949 on Amazon with free shipping.


-Excellent light intensity efficiency

-Very convenient to plants

-Comes with five years warranty


-It’s quite expensive

#04.Platinum Advanced Series P450 450w 12-band LED Grow Light

This is another Platinum LED grow light generation featuring highest PAR per every watt compared to other grow lights. Also, has a built-in 12-band spectrum to provide optimum yields while using less power and heat of 250 watts giving the plants 100% light required for photosynthesis.

It’s also intensified by a secondary 90- degree focusing lenses that are integrated to ensure that light penetrated deep within the plant canopy and distributed evenly.An upgraded aluminium cooling heat sink and high-speed fans to provide heat and air regulation. You can purchase it at Amazon at $539 with free shipping included.


-More energy efficient
-Better light illumination
-Silent cooling from fans
-Comes with 90-day customer satisfaction and five years warranty.


-it has no resistance to water

#03.Advanced Platinum Series P600w 12-band LED Grow Light

Just like other Platinum LED grow lights, this one also has high Lumen output that’s two or three times intensified than other models. Consuming only 368 watts of power, it reduces heat and electricity consumption and has replaced the traditional HPS which consumes 800w.it has great ability to perfectly penetrate light up to 4- feet depth providing maximum coverage to all plant.

It can be scaled to possibly any size grow area because of its narrow and long dimensions panel making it a more flexible light. The grow light feature different bloom light spectrum to provide optimum production of seedlings and has a life span of 100,000hour. To purchase the product on Amazon, it costs $659 inclusive of free shipping.


-Has a long lifespan.

-Its lights are flexible

-Also Easy to use.


-It is not water resistant.

#02.Advanced Platinum Series P1200 1200w 12- Band LED Grow Light

With 12 bands of light spectrum available in this grow light, it provides maximum production while reducing the amount of power and heat being produced as it only consumes 758 watts comparing to other models that consumes more. It provides dual spectrums of light for good flowering and vegetative stage giving them 100% light for a photosynthetic response. Its suitable for medium to large grows and can even apply to full commercial scale operations with coverage of 6ft by 5.5ft at the height of 18’’.

This Platinum Grow light has the most efficient and complete spectral output, and it switches eight times high-speed fans with a new inbuilt aluminium cooling sinks. Amazon is selling at $1299, and the shipping cost is free.


-It can cover a large area.

-Have high-speed, quiet fans.

-Support growth of more plants.


-It’s more expensive

#02.Platinum Advanced Series P4-XML2 380w 12-band LED Grow Light

Contains lights with the highest output of PAR per watt intensifying twice to thrice of the normal LED grow lights. With a complete 12 band spectrum that’s available to ensure maximum production while consuming less heat and power.

The creation of p4-xml2 was to provide better yields and a covering of a single light a grow space of 3 by 3.the xml2 series grow lights features a new focusing lenses which consist of one piece, cluster moulded lens with a 90-degree integrated focusing lenses for 3W LED as well as ultra-dispersion of 120 degree convex lenses for the 10W Cree xm-12 LEDs. The importance of this is to ensure proper and precise canopy penetration while at the same time improving coverage and spectral mixing. If you want to purchase this product, it costs $529.21 together with free shipping.


-Provides broad light coverage.

-Deep spectral canopy penetration.

-More affordable with five years warranty.


-It is not waterproof