People who have tried indoor growing projects have a clue of problems that are associated with various grow lights. LED grow lights have the biggest advantage and can overcome many challenges apart from being flexible in the different indoor area compared to others. They involve greenhouse and hydroponics growing combining environmental friendly aspects, energy and financial saving while promoting better growth and high yields of plants.

Marshydro LED Grow Lights are a great example of LED grow light especially known for their friendly budget and proper reflection and mix in the lights produced due to their unique reflection panel that looks like the mirror. The light spectrum produced is very high and necessary for all plant stages.Below are the best top five Marshydro LED Grow Lights with all their included aspects, features and characteristics to help you make a better choice about investing on your indoor garden.

1. Marshydro Reflector 96 LED Grow Light.

The grow light normally uses 10-band full light spectrum which includes, 430-440nm, 450-475nm 620-630nm, 650-660nm and a range of white. Also included is the infrared spectrum ( IR) of 730nm. Looking at the physical appearance of this product, one will notice a large reflector that resembles the mirror which is very useful in collecting and fusing 99% of light to ensure its spread and mixes evenly to plants.

The Marshydro Reflector 96 can cover a maximum vegetation area of 2 by 3.5 feet, and it has an excellent cooling system that’s integrated to ensure better dissipation oh heat. The whole light is certified by ETL, plugs with UL and VDE certification wire making it safe to use and easy to maintain. Uses less energy and the entire package of this grow light include one power cord and a hanging kit.

• Easy to use and maintain.
• Spreads lights more evenly because of the reflector panel
• Comes with a warranty of 2 years

• Only applicable in a greenhouse and indoor growing.

2. Marshydro MARSII 1200 LED Grow Light

A very reliable led brand made with a unique compact reflector design that promotes proper light mixing and spreading to plants and enhancing high yield output.

Comes with a dimension of 33 by 19 by 2.5 inches while covering an area of 3.5 by 3.5 blooming and 4 by 4 very safe while using it because it’s certified by ETL, plugged with UL and VDE wires certification. Saves more energy with a lower power consumption while producing full light spectrum ration of red, blue and white for both flowering and vegetative stages. Costs $413 and comes with free shipping.

• Has an extended lifespan of 50,000 hours.
• Plug in services are provided hence no risk reflectors, or ballast is required.
• Perfect illumination and light spreading.
• Safety is guaranteed.

• Its LEDs are very bright hence can cause visual problems.
• The lights are not waterproof.

3. Marshydro Reflector 192 LED Grow Lights

This Grow Light is 18% more energy efficient compared to other led lights.It only uses 120 watts of energy to produce 410w of lights hence twice energy efficient compared to other HID grow lights. It provides the highest PAR output per every watt required by the greenhouse and indoor garden. Its dimensions are 22 by 19 by 2.5 inches covering an area of 4 by 4 feet (veg) and 3.5 by 3.5 feet (bloom).

One grow light comes with one power cord plus one hanging costs $348.99 on Amazon which is inclusive of free shipping services.

• It’s more energy efficient hence saves money.
• The light intensity produced is of high quality.
• Comes with a two-year warranty after purchasing.

• It’s very dangerous when exposed to water.

4. Marshydro MARSII 1600 LED Grow Light

Comes with a unique design producing 10-band full light spectrum ranging from red, blue, IR and white for indoor plants, hydroponics and gardening. The standard dimension is usually 20.5 by 20.5 by 3.5 inches covering an area of 5 by 5 feet (veg) and 4.5 by 4.5 feet (flowering).Its output power draw is 710 replacing the HID 800 watts. The cost of this product is $633.99 inclusive of free shipping.

• Has excellent thermal management made of cooling fans and aluminium heat sink.
• Easy to install as it comes with power cord and hangers.
• Guaranteed two years of warranty after buying.

• Easily attracts insects and small animals due to brightness.
• Not water resistant.

5. Marshydro MARSII 900 LED Grow Light

Weighing, 22.6 pounds with a painted black casing, the grow light also measures 20 by 20 by 6 inches having a coverage plant are of 3.5 by 3.5 feet ( flowering) and 4 by 4 feet (veg).The full spectrum is designed to support indoor plants, hydroponics and gardening. It easily replaces the 450W HPS because it uses less energy of 390+-10%/100v power draw saving the user electricity money and energy.

Marshydro LED Grow Lights are certified with ETL, plugged wires certified with VDE and UL, therefore, making it safer to use and apply to the plants. It comes with one hanging kit and a power cord for proper secure installation. Costs $359.99 and includes free shipping services.

• Contains ten bands of light spectrum for maximum plant utilisation and penetration.
• The initial installation is easy due to the hanging kit.
• Comes with a two-year warranty and is tested for 48 hours before shipping.
• Its lifespan is extended up to 50,000 hours.

• it is not waterproof.