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Top 5 Best King LED Grow Lights Review For Your Garden

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Indoor plant growing can be difficult, expensive and can consume a lot of your time if you don’t equip your garden with the right grow light. Without a doubt LED grow lights are much more costly compared to the standard grow lights like metal halide, a fluorescent lamp or high-pressure sodium. This is because the LED grow lights are more superior in terms of efficiency, performance, quality and everything hence the reason to invest in them.

They increase the performance of your plant by providing the much-needed light while distributing it evenly to make sure that all plants have access.
For those who want to take the indoor growing, venturing more serious into King LED Grow Lights is the best choice for your indoor garden. They use less energy and produce bright and satisfying light which is a great alternative to natural sunlight. To start off here are the top five King LED grow lights for review.

1. King Plus 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Lights

Containing two chips 10W LEDs; they are more efficient and brighter while comparing them with 3W and 5W LEDs. They also have an inbuilt perfect cooling system made of four fans with vents; the led board has some holes which are 3mm and glass that helps with better heat dissipation. The grow light only consumes 375w of power hence saving lots of energy.

The led grow light produces a full light spectrum with a similar colour ratio to that of natural sunlight which includes blue, red, white, yellowbird( which enhances the elongation of stems, germination of seeds and increase plant yields) and UV ( effective in killing bacteria and reduce diseases in plants). All these light colours promote photosynthesis in plants as well as proper growth. The grow light good for all the plant growth phases.

• Ideal for all stages of plant growth
• Energy efficient with 10w LEDs.
• Comes with a three-year warranty

• The light is not water resistant
• IR and UV rays can be dangerous to the health of the user.

2. King Plus 1600w Double Chips LED Grow Light

Comes with a full light spectrum for the flowering and vegetative stage which are 410nm, 430-440 nm, 620-630nm White, IR of 730nm. With a frequency of 50-60Hz and low energy consumption of around 345w-355w, it also has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours hence you will not be replacing the bulb anytime soon.

The big four fans in each light help the light to work for a longer time, and each led is resistant to ensure it works can be used in all plant growth stages from pot culture, sowing, house garden, greenhouse cultivation among others.

• It’s easy to install as it comes with a free hanging hook.
• Has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours.
• An excellent cooling system made up of four fans.

• Can be very dim to see clearly with eyes

3. King Plus 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light

The grow lights comes with double chips of 10W with each containing 5-watt diodes that are great in promoting uniform and even bright light to all the plants. It’s two cooling big fans provides optimum airwaves that help to keep the lights working for long. Another feature of this grow light is the use of less energy of 240w-250w power.its also ideal for all the growth phases of plants because it provides all the appropriate light colour with the plant need for growth.It comes with one piece of free power cord and free hanging hook.

• Excellent for all phases of plant growth.
• A good light spectrum that contains all colours.
• Comes with a three-year warranty guarantee.

• It’s not waterproof.

4. King Plus 1200w Double Chips LED Grow Light

This grow light has been tested for seedling, blooming, cloning and vegging and they provided excellent results in terms of light brightness. It has a complex light spectrum with equal ratio providing the much-needed wavelengths of light required. The light can cover a maximum area of 4 by 4 feet, and the height and area can be changed with different environments and plants. It’s packaged together with free hanging hook and power code.

• The installation is simple.
• Excellent light illumination
• Effective growing light coverage

• Leaves may burn if hung too close.
• Cannot be used when there is lightning.

5. King Plus 1000w Double Chips LED Grow Light.

This is among the long lasting King LED Grow Lights with up to 50,000 hours of lifespan. Its coverage is also excellent as it covers 3.4 by 3.8 feet meaning that the light spectrum is effective as the plants get the best light with the similar ratio. Its power consumption is low about 190 watts hence conserving more energy comparing with other models. It contains proper ventilation holes of 3mm together with two large fans for proper cooling effects that keep the lights working hours durable.

The working frequency of the grow light is 50-60Hz and its ideal in supporting all the plant stages of growth.

• Its energy is sufficient due to the great 10w LEDs.
• Proper ventilation hole and two fans for proper heat dissipation.
• Excellent service cover including three-year warranty.

• It is very dim making hard to see properly.
• It is not resistant to water.