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Top 5 Grow Light Stands To Make Indoor Plant Care Easier

No matter what type of plant you grow indoors, it requires light in order to go through all stages of growth. While indoor grow lights can help with this, you may not be enjoying all their benefits if they aren’t situated in the right places. Instead of using buckets or unstable shelves to hold your light, the grow light stands below are the perfect solutions.

1. Hydrofarm Jump Start Grow Light System

The Jump Start Light System comes available in two sizes (2-foot or 4-foot) to accommodate all types of growers. With super easy assembly, this system allows you to hang your grow light atop a strong and sturdy steel base. To achieve the light you need, it can be adjusted using a toggle clamp that’s simple and easy to use. This product is ideal for all types of plants through every stage of growth and easily assembles with the click of the interlocking tubes. This won’t take up much space so you can use it on the floor, on a table, in a closet, or in any other area you prefer.
A trusted name in indoor gardening equipment, Hydrofarm makes FLP, FLV, and FLT tubes that are also compatible with this piece. Making it more beneficial to indoor plants, it also has an internal reflective finish that will give more light to plants so they grow stronger and more quickly.


– Assembles in minutes
– Easy to use and adjust so you can hang your light exactly where it’s needed
– Open bottom means you can simply place your own containers under the light


– The included light can stop working after a short amount of time
– Difficult to find replacement parts
– No warranty included

2. iPower T5 Grow Light System with Stand Rack

The iPower Grow Light System makes it easy to grow indoor plants thanks to its unique design that includes an adjustable light. Sitting atop the metal frame, users can change the height of the light in seconds to accommodate the type of plant they have or the stage of growth their plant is in. The mechanism that raises the height of the light is easy to use, seamless and glides like butter for the easiest adjustment possible. For those looking for variety, this comes in 2-ft and 4-fit sizes that both fit a considerable amount of plants. Designed with a fluorescent bulb and metal frame, you won’t find better quality than this system has to offer at this price point.
A 6′ grounded cord comes included with a convenient on and off switch to control the 600k/54W energy-efficient bulb. This system is also easy to assemble and comes with a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.


– The included light offers maximum coverage for plants to grow underneath
– The system allows you to choose from multiple hanging configurations
– The stand is strong so you can move the light without wobbling


– This comes with a light so you do not choose your own
– The on/off switch can be unreliable
– Bulb included can become weak quite easily

3. Purple Reign Grow Light System for Plant Growing

The Purple Reign Grow System comes complete with a light that hangs on a sturdy stand made of steel. Available in either 2′ or 4′ sizes, this product makes it easy to control the intensity of light the plants you have underneath receive at any given time. To adjust, simply pull the included string and the light will lift up or down as necessary. Being lightweight, there’s no risk of the stand faltering due to the adjustment of the light. This fixture can be placed on a table, on the floor, or on any other sturdy surface thanks to its compact and straight-forward design.
The LED light included in the system offers plants the same benefits of outdoor light, yet doesn’t generate more heat because it’s so energy efficient. If you want a complete system in one package, this product is an ideal choice.


– Comes with an LED light that helps encourage healthy growth
– Sturdy base available in two different sizes
– Easy to adjust the height of the light


– You cannot choose your own light
– Some users report the light dimming quickly
– May be difficult to put together due to missing parts

4. Indoor Grow Light 3-Tier Stand by Gardener’s Supply Company

If you have a large number of indoor plants that each have individual lighting needs, this indoor grow light stand is the ideal choice. Sitting much larger than other stands, this measures 51″ long x 14-5/8″ in diameter and 68-5/8″ in height. There are three separate shelves included, each of which are equipped with their own 2 full-spectrum T-5 bulbs for better plant growth. You can easily adjust these lights up and down so they can sit at the suitable height for the plants you’re growing in seconds. For those who are worried about energy efficiency, the included lights use 45% less energy than standards bulbs and can be used up to 10,000 hours before needing to be replaced.
To help with the buzzing noise from constant use, this stand is equipped with electronic ballasts. Additionally, each shelf has watertight plant trays to prevent spillage and leaks onto your flooring.


– Sturdy and offers a lot of vertical space so it doesn’t take up floor space
– Each shelf comes with its own adjustable light
– Made in the USA with great customer service


– High price tag
– Assembly can be difficult
– Not enough clearance for tall plants

5. Compact 2-Shelf Indoor Grow Light Stand

This light stand is ideal for individuals who are tight on space but still want a dedicated growing area. It features a compact design with two tiers of stands that are equipped with their own T5 fluorescent lights. The exact measurements are 25-1/2″ in length x 14″ width, and 47″ height. There are also rollers included for the bottom so you can easily transport the stand where you need it to go. The frame is made of powder-coated aluminum for durability and the lights can be adjusted up or down depending on your plant’s individual needs.


– Can fit virtually anywhere with the compact design
– Each shelf holds a decent number of plants
– Light on each shelf is adjustable


– Expensive investment
– Difficult to assemble
– Not useful for taller plants

Investing in Grow Light Stands

Whether you’re an avid indoor gardener or it’s something you do casually, a grow light stand is an accessory you’ll enjoy having in your inventory. It’s useful, affordable and can make all the difference with the amount and intensity of light your plants receive. More importantly, it’s something you’ll use time and time again so it’s an investment