One of the challenges faced by those who want to grow plants indoors is finding high quality grow lights at a reasonable price. Here are two cheap grow lights for indoor plants. We’ll address the pros and cons of each while giving you the information you need to buy them.

01.MRHUA Brand 50 Watt LED Grow Light

This 50 Watt LED grow light provides a mostly red spectrum for maximal plant growth with enough blue light to keep plants health. It is energy efficient, and it features several heat sinks and fans so that it won’t overheat and burn the plants beneath it. You can hang it or you can mount it on a permanent structure like a shelf or ceiling strut. It comes with a five foot power cord.

We’re recommending the 2018 model. It covers a 2 foot squared area, enough for a small group of potted plants or a large single plant. It puts out 1100 lumens. And it weighs less than two pounds.Standard safety rules apply with this model. Don’t let it get wet. Don’t look directly into the bulbs.

We recommend this model because it is much cheaper than the 600 Watt full spectrum grow lamp; that product is more suited to commercial greenhouses. This LED grow lamp is even cheaper than the 150 Watt full spectrum lamp that includes UV, though UV is overkill for most plants.

Yet this smaller 50 Watt grow light has the same technology as the larger ones. The only difference is that this model cannot be daisy chained with other grow lights to keep cords off the ground.

The only issues that regularly come up are poor packaging prior to shipment, so people sometimes get items that are damaged and need to be returned. The fans keep the unit relatively cool, but they’re noisy.

02.D-Life Brand Dual LED Grow Light

Sometimes we need a little grow light akin to a desk lamp to keep a plant going. The plants are adapted to growing indoors, fueled by the general light spectrum of fluorescent lamps, but they need some red and blue light to thrive. In other cases, you have plants in the window that are surviving but you want them to be thriving.

The D-Life brand dual LED grow light is perfect for these cases. It can also be used as a supplementary light source for existing grow lights, such as when your plants are already under a red light but need blue light to be health. The dual heads can also be used to target deeper leaves and lower level flowers to help them literally blossom.

The flexible goose necks let you position it wherever required. Just know that the arm isn’t particularly strong, so you can’t twist and wrap it, simply angle it as required. The unit has a nearly six foot long cord, so you can move it around a room as needed, too.

The grow lamp has a built-in timer so you can set it to turn off after three, six or twelve hours. Another possible use of this LED lamp is setting it to turn on around sunset, bathing the plant in red light so that it thinks it is still summer. Now you can control when the plant puts on its fall colors and blooms, since that will occur when you turn off this

supplementary LED grow light. Just know that the timer will default to zero if you unplug the unit. A potential issue is how hot the light can get when running for 12 hours straight; don’t put this right next to a plant where it could suffer from the heat. If you’re running it as supplementary light for just three hours, that’s not a problem.