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Top 5 Best BESTVA LED Grow Lights Reviews

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When growing indoor plants, one thing you always consider is light performance. When natural sunlight becomes unreliable, it’s the best time to switch to the best model of LED grow lights. They not only ensure that your plants are vibrant and healthy, but they save more energy, money and time. They take more coverage area and don’t use ballast for support. One such quality LED grow light is the BESTVA LED Grow Lights.

This LED Grow Light are designed to ensure there is proper distribution of light while using the least amount of energy, full spectrum to deliver the highest PAR needed by the plants. To explain further here the most trending top five BESTVA LED Grow Lights to help you get a clearer picture.

1. BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light with Double Chips.

Its Epileds LEDs contains 100pcs of two chips each with 10W causing the grow light to be brighter and efficient compared to the traditional ones with 3W and 5W respectively. Has a dimension of12.2 by 8.26 by2.36 inches covering an average plant area of 5.1 by 4.7 by 4.7 feet at the height of 24 inches. The average power draw of the grow light is 185 watts meaning that more energy is saved.

Have an inbuilt active cooling fan system that’s quiet and calm and also the aluminium panel have holes to ensure proper thermal management. Amazon prices the grow light at $139.99, and it comes with free shipping.

• High-intensity light for better canopy penetration.
• Has a long lifespan hence saves the cost of replacing the bulb.
• Comes with a warranty of three years.

• It’s extremely bright to look directly.
• Has no switch only a timer.

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2. BESTVA 1200w Double Chips LED Grow Light

The grow light comes with 120 pcs of dual- chips each containing 10W Epileds and Bridgelux LEDs providing full spectrum necessary for vegetables, plants and flowers at all stages of growth. An extended lifespan of up to 50,000 hours that’s made possible by the powerful cooling system found in it. The LEDs have an angle of 120-degrees to ensure there is proper penetration of light inside the plants for PAR to take place. It measures, 15.75 by 8.38 by 2.36 inches and covers an average area of 5.7 by 5.4 feet at 24 inches height.

• Has the highest Lumen output per each LED.
• The light produced to support all the plant growth stages.
• Sells at only $169 on Amazon inclusive of free shipping and 3-year warranty.

• Only used indoors, not outdoors
• It’s not water resistant.

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3. BESTVA 1800W Double Chips LED Grow Light

Weighing approximately 9.26 pounds, it comes with dimensions of 19.0 by 8.46 by 2.36 inches while covering a core area of 7.2 by 6.8 feet at 24 inches has 180 pcs of double chips with each having 10w Epileds and Bridgelux LEDs providing high-quality Lumen/PAR output per each Led.

Consuming 340 watts only, it replaces the 1200 watts HPS hence its two times more efficient in area coverage than others. The aluminum panel surrounding it has numerous holes together with cooling fans and glass to ensure better heat dissipation hence running 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit than other lights. After purchasing it $239, one can enjoy 3-years warranty plus 30-day return guarantee.

• High full light spectrum ranging from 365-750nm UVA to IR for maximum growth.
• Superior LEDs with powerful cooling and extended lifespan.
• Easy to use and install as it comes with a steel hanging kit and a power cord.

• It’s very bright and can cause visual problems if looked directly.
• Doesn’t have control switch but a timer instead.

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4. BESTVA x5 100W LED Grow Light

The grower light has a high out LED of 5pcs with 200W producing the largest full light spectrum that ensures even light coverage and proper intensity penetrating deep into plants. It beats all the traditional LED models because of its superior yields, energy efficient, robust cooling system and reflectors.

It’s research proven to be the largest Footprint than other LEDs, also proven by the testing of independent spectroradiometer and it not only targets photosynthesis peaks but also known to improve THC, CBD, vitamins, pigmentations with UV lights. The light comes with an enhanced long life cooling fans that are good in the management of heat and extending LED life and the ability of spectrum. The price of this Grow Light is $ 219.99 inclusive of free shipping.

• Easy to install as it comes with user manual, a hanging kit and power cord.
• Contains no toxic metals like mercury
• The PAR is magnified to increase the penetration of canopy up to 200%.
• Has 12 band of complete spectrum which includes UV and IR diodes

• It’s not resistant to water.

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5. BESTVA Dimmable 800W Grow Light

Contains 4pcs of integrated 300W LEDs producing the much-needed light to the plants. It’s created with a dimmer which reads 0-100% on the back to adjust the brightness of the light produced for various growing phases of plants. Its brighter optimizing PAR with excellent light penetration by using the perfect light spectrums produced which range from IR to UVA (365-750nm). The lights go beyond PAR but also increase CBD, THC, pigmentation, vitamins, and it’s a commercial grade light component.

Also, the BESTVA LED Grow Lights has aluminum Heat PCB which running 80% cooler and a very powerful cooling system made of large fans to keep the heat maintained. It costs $189 and shipping is free.

• Easy installation as it comes with I pcs of hanging kit.
• All the LEDs contain Zener to keep the rest working if one fails.
• Energy saving and it’s also environmentally friendly.

• The dimmer doesn’t adjust yield and flowering stages only brightness.

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