LED grow lights have increasingly become more popular for indoor growing, urban farming, greenhouses among others, this is due to the significant benefits they have providing agricultural practices that are sustainable. The current world is carefully paying more attention to sustainability measures and global warming, and that’s why LED lights have gained the upper hand advantage for providing not just the present but also for future efficient illumination solutions.One of the tops LED grow light that’s considering these factors is the MEIZHI LED Grow Lights.

They come with a very flexible design and have the best targeting wavelengths ensuring plants absorb entirely and give good yields using less heat but emitting more lights. To provide more comprehensive details here are the best top five MEIZHI LED Grow Lights with their aspects, features, and characteristics.

1. MEIZHI 300W LED Grow Light.

This grow light has 5w chip to each LED to provide more brightness to the entire light hence brighter compared to LEDs with 3W. It also comes with full spectrum that’s essential to the indoor growing,Aquaponics, hydroponic plants, greenhouses, seedlings, veg, budding, flowering and even ripening at all stages.

It has a low energy consumption of 130W+-5% replacing the 150 HPS/MH/HID which consumes 150W of power. MEIZHI 300W is appropriate for a coverage growing area of 2 by 2 feet providing the highest PAR/ Lumen output at this range. It has an aluminium heat sink of high quality together with high-speed cooling fans as well as vents surrounding the light to provide excellent dissipation of heat to the entire light.


• Very much affordable grow light.
• Comes with a return guarantee of 30 days, three free month repair and one year warranty.
• It’s easy to install because it comes with a free hanging kit and power cord.


• Cannot use the light if the fan is removed.
• It’s not waterproof.

2. MEIZHI Reflector Series 450W LED Grow Light

Contains an upgraded reflector series which adopts 120-degrees reflector panel and ensuring proper plating connection process of 100% reflecting all the dispensed lights and providing optimum light satisfaction to the plants. Its light spectrum is full with a 12-band for blooming and growth, and the lights are suitable for hydroponics, greenhouse, indoors among others.

MEIZHI 450W has 3 IR LEDs mainly dim but very important to the blooming of plants. The daisy chain connection can connect one more LED grow light and extend the light coverage. The maximum growing area coverage is 2 by 3.5 feet at the height of 18 inches while consuming 195W+-9% at 110V of actual power.


• The grow light is energy sufficient comparing it to others.
• It has an excellent heat dissipation system containing cooling fans, aluminium heat sink, and dense vents.
• The daisy connection chain is relevant in increasing light coverage to plants.


• Use of acid and sulphur is forbidden.

3. MEIZHI Reflector Series 1200W LED Grow Light

A great design that has 120-degrees reflector panel and connecting 100% with the plating process enabling a perfect reflection and dispersion of light to plants. Consumes less heat of 568W+-5% at 110V replacing the traditional 1200W HID/HPS. MEIZHI 1200W also has 12-band full light spectrum with growth and bloom switches to control the spectrum.

Able to cover a growing area of 4 by 5 feet at the height of 18 inches. Has inbuilt excellent aluminium sink, four cooling fans that are fast and silent as well as dense vents allowing proper heat dissipation of the entire light.


• Has an extended lifespan of 50,000hour due to a good cooling system.
• Contains 8 IR LEDs, necessary for cell division during plant blooming periods.
• Have one year warranty and 30-day satisfaction to customers.


• It can be dim during plant blooming.

4. MEIZHI Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light

Consuming less energy of 277W+-5% at 110v AC, it’s more energy sufficient compared to the traditional HPS/MD which consumes 600W of power. It covers a growing area of 3 by 3 feet at 18 inches height and can be connected to another (Daisy-Chain) light to extend the lighting coverage.

MEIZHI LED Grow Lights contains an upgraded Reflector series with a glass panel of 120- degrees which connect 100% to the plating process providing maximum light reflection to plant’s satisfaction. Also included, is the 12-band full light spectrum together with switches which control light spectrum during the blooming and growth stages.


• Very easy to install and use because it comes with one free hanging kit and power cord.
• Provides excellent illumination with 12- band light spectrum.
• 4 IR led working in perfect condition to help in the plant blooming stage.


• The grow light is not resistant to water.
• Use of acid and sulphur is not allowed.

5. MEIZHI Reflector Series 900W LED Grow Light

The power consumption of this grow light is much less and is twice more energy efficient at 418W+-5% at AC110V, unlike the traditional HPS/MH/HID, consuming more energy at 900W. Contains full light spectrum with twelve bands necessary for indoor and greenhouse growing.

Has three perfect cooling fans, dense vent and quality aluminium heat sinks that provide proper thermal control keeping the grow light more. The daisy connection that’s inbuilt ensures that another light is connected to increase the coverage with 6- IR LEDs which though dim are very significant during the blooming phase.


• The Reflector series has 120-degree glass panel which helps to connect 100% with the plating process ensuring perfect light spread to plants.
• Dual switches for bloom and growth stages.
• Provide a return money guarantee within 30 days and one year warranty of the light.


• Some lights can be dim to see clearly with eyes.
• The grow light not waterproof.