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Best Led Grow Lights Buying Guide for Growing Vegetables & Cannabis

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Are you looking for a way to grow vegetables or cannabis indoors? The perfect solution is to make use of technology. The best grow lights are LED. It saves energy as it brings the right light frequency to your greens. Your plants will love the opportunity to get the right lightning.

There are advantages of using led grow lights for growing greens. Most of all you can calculate the exact amount of light they need. When they are exposed to sunlight it can be too much. Harvesting inside with artificial lightning is an excellent way to achieve your production goals.

02. What is Led Grow Light

LED is a technology that has been around for some time. It comes from a type of semiconductor that emits light. In fact, LED is the acronym of Light Emitting Diode. This sort of technology has raised as a popular source of light in the past couple of decades.

As for led grow light specifically, it is an arrangement of LEDs that comes in a squared or rectangle package. It is usually set to cover few square meters. You should place it on top of your harvest so that it replaces the light that would come from the sun.

The kind of light a led grow light arrangement provides is not the same you would use to illuminate a regular room at home. It is specifically designed to increase the performance of your greens. This means the plants will grow faster than with other source of light.

03. Benefits of LED Grow Light

In general, there are many advantages of using led lights. But when it comes to led grow light the benefits boost to the sky. They are specially designed to address the vegetables’ needs. With a LED, you can fine tune the frequencies from the hardware itself, and therefore increase your production goals.

When it comes to LED as a technology, there is an important power saving factor to consider. This is something you must put on the table, as most harvests require extensive consumption of energy. In the end, the power consumption of your grow lights will add up dollars to your electricity bill. By getting led grow lights you will be saving money.

Besides, not all lights are created equal. Greens require specific frequencies to grow strong and healthy. It is the sort of frequency that promotes its growth that comes packed in a led grow light. Other harmful frequencies are omitted, so that only the good thing of light is left.

In addition, the led grow light is meant to provide light with minimum heat to your indoor plants. This is particularly important, as you will hardly over expose your greens to heat. Therefore, there are no chances of burning them, not even by accident.

Cannabis in particular is not too fond of excessive light. It prefers to grow in the shadow, but it does require certain amount of light to grow. There is where grow lights fit in. By giving it artificial lightning, you ensure you are in control. There are few external factors that can mess up with your plants. A led grow light is better than other options because you get the best heat control with it. With artificial lightning you are in control. You could even automate the lights to get the best possible performance.

04. Features of Best led grow lights

The best led grow lights have a place for hangers. These are useful to spread the light efficiently when you place the light on top of your plants. Some packages will include the hangers, while others need you to get them separately.

The most important feature is the light spectrum. The different stages of growing plants require different frequencies. If you are harvesting assorted plants, then chose the artificial light with the most frequencies. Despite most led grow lights are labeled as full range spectrum, that is not always the case. Check how many LED varieties they include. With LED technology, each individual LED is meant to provide a different frequency. When you combine them, you get the full range spectrum that is marketed. However, since there are no standards for this term it has been overused. To learn more check our following section about full spectrum (05.02 What is full spectrum).

Another feature of led grow lights are the fans for cooling. This actually depends on the total power you need for the device. The lowest rated power led grow lights will not need such fans. They usually have heat sinks that get rid of the extra heat the unit may have. If you can avoid getting a led grow light with a fan it is best. That way you will lower your electricity bill and increase the life of your led grow light. A mechanical part is always a risk in any electronic device and you should avoid it. However, when you are harvesting in an extensive area or room, there is no way to avoid having a high power lamp with fans.

05.Few factors you should know

When it comes to LED lights, there are a few factors you should know. They are full of technical jargon that most of us are not used to. Being aware of the techniques is going to give you the true insights to assess each led grow light product.
Next we are going to check on the following concepts:
• Lumen.
• Full spectrum.
• Watts.
In the end, we will help you to calculate how many watts you need for your crops. That way you can be prepared with the appropriate power installation for your harvest.

05.01. What is lumen?

Lumen is a unit to measure the luminous flux. This means that you get an idea of how much light a source is giving you. The more power, the more lumens, but it also depends on the technology you are using.

For example, to get 800 lumens with an incandescent light bulb, you would need 60 watts. With a compact fluorescent, the power consumed drops significantly to around 15 watts. But if you use LED technology, then it can get as low as 8 watts.

In conclusion, lumens help us to compare the actual performance among different lightning technologies.

05.02 What is full spectrum?

Full spectrum is a term used to describe artificial lightning that is capable to emulate sunlight. This natural source of light provides us with frequencies we don’t even see. They include infrared light and frequencies close to the ultraviolet spectrum. All these wavelengths are very important to life growth on earth. They stimulate and enhance certain processes that occur in nature.

When it comes to artificial full spectrum lightning, not all options are created equal. There is no actual regulation when it comes to the amount of light given on each frequency. The difference relies on how the power is distributed. The most important thing with lights is that they provide the right amount of power on the frequencies that matter most for your crops.

In real life, we don’t get the full spectrum all day. It changes depending on the hour of the date. When it comes to artificial lights, there is no such change. This can be a benefit if you use it wisely. Your plants would only take part of the benefits along the day. You can extend these times by giving them an extended dose of the light they need. Just be aware of the limits to improve their performance.

05.03. How can you calculate how many watts do you need?

This calculation depends on which type of plant you growing and in which phase of growth they are. Of course, you also have to consider how many square feet you have planted. To keep it simple we will consider a plantation of 1 square foot on our following examples.

If you were planting cannabis, the most power would be needed during the flowering phase. This means you have to be prepared for it. According to the charts, you would need 64 watts during this stage. This number multiplied by the total square foot of your plantation will result on the total power. Other vegetables with similar power needs are tomatoes and peppers. Practically all vegies that have a flowering stage at some point will have a similar power demand.

Other plants like basil lettuce, other leafy greens, and herbs in general require less power. They are considered low light plants. These plants will need practically half the power than the high light plant types we discussed previously. Consider 32 watts for these plants, which have only seeding and growing phase.

Do not forget to multiply these numbers with the total square footage of your plantation.

06. Top 10 best led grow lights reviews

Now, let’s move on to our recommendations. We have analyzed dozens of lights and came up with this list of the top 10 best led grow lights. We are going to talk about the pros and cons on each, so that you can make an informed decision on your next purchase.

Product #10: King Plus 600w Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for                                   Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing (10w LEDs)

The king plus led grow light is one of the best choices when it comes to harvesting all sort of plants. It has assorted power options to fulfill different needs. This led light has a power switch and plug, along with convenient hanging holes and an included set of hangers. Use it to harvest anything.

The best of the king plus is that:
• Even if one led breaks, the others will still work due to its individual resistance accommodation.
• Every light has two fans to keep it cool and working perfectly fine.
• It can serve to decrease plagues by killing bacteria with the ultraviolet frequencies.
• It has a 3-year guarantee.
• It works efficiently in 6 different frequencies, perfect for every stage of growing plants.
• You can choose between 600W, 800W, 1000W, and 1200W depending on the size of your harvesting area.

On the bad side, we can mention that:
• Once you hang the light, you cannot reach the switch easily since it is located on top of the device.
• The fans are a little noisy if you are not fond of that sort of noise.
• There is no way to select the frequencies you need for a specific stage of growing your veggies, which results on a high power consumption.

Product #9: VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

This is one of the best products for multipurpose crops. It provides the right light for every need. With a couple of switches, you can make this the solution for your versatile crops. Choose between veg and bloom, and take advantage of a 12-LED setting with specific frequencies to improve your harvest.

There are many good features of this product:
• Cover up to a 3.5×3.5-foot area consuming only 200 watts.
• Get an additional 30-day satisfaction guarantee or you get a refund.
• It has 3-year warranty, which is 2 years more than the 1-year standard.
• It has a convenient daisy-chain connection to plug several lights.
• The design was specially engineered so that the right balance of light is sent on every stage of the growth of your plants. There is true science behind this light.
• You can save energy because it makes a more efficient use of power with its veg and bloom selector.

This led grow light is not so good because:
• The price is higher than other similar products.
• There is a significant change when it comes to coverage. The light set is very directional, and the hotspot is located at the central area, quickly decreasing on the edges. This could be an advantage if you arrange your crops according to your light pattern. However, not all interior plantations are flexible to do that (only if you plan to plant in pots).
• When you combine more than one light, you must set each switch individually.

Product #8: 45W LED Grow Light, UNIFUN New Light Plant Bulbs Plant Growing Bulb for Hydroponic Aquatic Indoor Plants

This product is a best seller on Amazon. It is compact and with good performance, perfect for any sort of leafy greens. Its square form makes it suitable for any place, and the hanging system is convenient.

Some of the best things about the 45W LED grow light from UNIFUN are:
• Because of its low power needs, it needs no vents for cooling, therefore it is quiet.
• Besides the regular one-year warranty, it has an additional 30-day satisfaction period in which you can request your money back if you don’t like the product or if it doesn’t work.
• It brings 4 different bands to get the full spectrum to your plants.
• It has a low power consumption, which makes it perfect to harvest greens.
• It is an upgrade from a previous version from UNIFUN that has an improved design.

The things that are not so good about this product are:
• For sowing in very large spaces, this may not be the best solution.
• It is good for greens but there are better products than this for blooming crops.

Product #7: KINGBO Reflector 45W LED Grow Light Panel 225 LEDs 6-Band Full Spectrum Include UV IR with Switch for Indoor Plants Seeding & Growing & Flowering

If you want a small but effective light, use the KINGBO Reflector. It works perfectly for medium to large indoor plantations.

We chose this led grow light because:
• Each unit has a switch within the power cord to turn the light on and off.
• It covers the full spectrum. This led grow light is designed to work on 6 different frequencies. This way it does much more than just boosting your plant’s growth. It also kills harmful bacteria.
• The aluminum case is light and durable.
• This is a very affordable light.

On the not so good side, the KINGBO Reflector has the following flaws:
• If you want a different installation apart from the aluminum hanger with the hanging system, it is not so easy to install (despite it is removable).
• The power cord is not easily replaced if It is damaged.
• When you perform a fixed installation, the embedded switch can be a disadvantage because it causes confusion.

Product #6: BESTVA 1000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

The best of the BESTVA 1000W double chips LED Grow Light is that:
• It has a strong case, which will endure for a long time.
• It is available in two options: 600 watts and 1000 watts.
• The cooling system is as quiet as it can be. The fans of this lamp are truly quiet.
• The Grow lamp for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor has 3 years of warranty along with a 30-day satisfaction policy. This is more than the average 1-year warranty.

The only pitfall of this product is that:
• The grow lamp for greenhouse has a higher price than other products of similar wattage.

Product #5: MarsHydro Mars300 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum ETL Certification Lighting for Hydroponic Indoor Greenhouse Garden Plants Growing 132W True Watt Panel

Save energy and increase your crop’s performance with this incredible light. This product has been manufactured and tested in the United States with the highest quality standards. You will experience a truly new way of harvesting when using the MarsHydro Mars 300.

There are some excellent features on this product. They include:
• Each LED has a protective zener so that you get more life out of it.
• It has been ETL certified.
• It provides a full spectrum with a combination of LED technology.
• The product has been tested to avoid chemicals or other electronic smells.
• You can use a standard power cable to connect it to the power source.
• You get a 30-day money back warranty besides the usual 12-month warranty.

The not so good thing about it are:
• If you are doing just a small crop area, this is too much light for it.
• The cooling fans are not the quietest fans on the market.
• This unique model doesn’t have other power options.

Product #4: 1000W Double Chips Indoor LED Plant Grow Light Kit, Full Spectrum for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing of Cannabis Marijuana Weed and Medicinal Plants (10W LEDs 100Pcs)

If you need a highly bright led grow light it is because you want to get the best of your flowering plants. Chose the 1000W double chips indoor LED plant grow light kit. You will enjoy a high quality product that is going to bring your plants the benefits of the sun.

On the good side of this light kit, we have:
• For large crops you can connect them in daisy chain mode.
• It has an UV function that is meant to sterilize your plants and promote the health of your crops. It can get rid of potentially harmful bacteria.
• The light spectrum is specially designed to promote the growth of your plants and more. It consists in four different sets of light.
• The unit has a security system to increase led life, consisting on a protective resistance per led plus a couple of cooling fans per set.
• You can cover up to a 4×4 foot area.

Unfortunately, this product is not so good in certain cases. For example:
• Despite the cooling fans are not too noisy, they can be annoying for some people.
• If you have a small crop, or you just need to enhance the growth of a few plants, this is too much for you (even the small version of just 600 watts).
• The switch to turn the light on and off is integrated into the lamp. When you use it for a fixed installation, it is not possible to access the switch.

Product #3: Vintage Grow HIGH YIELD Full Spectrum LED Plant Lights for Indoor Plants – Best 24W Light Bulb Lamp for Growing Marijuana Weed Cannabis Indoors – 24 Watt Grow lights

Use the vintage collection when you are looking for a highly effective led grow light for your crops. There are many options for mounting, each model providing advantages to your crops.

The best features of the grow led plant lights from Grow lights are:
• It brings the right combination of the full spectrum, including 3 different main frequencies (460 nm, 630 nm and 660 nm).
• The light bulb is perfect to grow dense plants indoors because of the light power delivered by the different set of lights. It fits any bulb socket you have.
• The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on growing your veggies. If it doesn’t work for you, you can return it and receive a refund.
• This is a low power consumption lamp that can be used 24/7.
• It has a 45 watts’ version with a squared deign that is perfect for to grow large areas.

The not so good features of the Vintage grow led light are that:
• The price is twice as much as other similar products.
• Despite it can work perfectly for large spaces, you need to make installation arrangements so that it covers all the area. That can result in an extra effort than if you were using a squared lamp instead of lightbulbs.
• If you are not sure of which model is the right led light for you, you may not get the right product.

Product #2: HyTech Garden LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Gardening, Hydroponics, Greenhouse Systems-Great for Growing Herbs, Succulents, Fruits, Vegetables, Seedlings and Houseplants

Get one of the most flexible solutions with this light bulb. With a single bulb, you will get the chance to increase your lightning power in creative ways. This is a flexible solution to creative interior gardens. You can place the bulbs in such a way that they irradiate light to your interior veggies. You can enjoy your favorite greens and vegetables all year with this amazing product.

The good side of the HyTech led grow light include:
• It is a compact light that is perfect for small corps.
• You can attach it to a standard socket, making use of your current installation.
• You can use it to grow anything. Just adding or removing light bulbs will make you take advantage of its power.
• With the high-tech garden LED grow light bulb, you can setup the most energy efficient artificial light to grow greens.
• This grow light bulb is very affordable.

The not so good features of the led grow light from HyTech Garden are:
• For commercial crops this may not be the best solution because it will require a huge installation.
• If you want to cover a broad space, you would need to set many of these light bulbs.
• If you don’t have a light bulb connection near your crops, you would need to purchase an additional item for each light bulb you get. This makes it not as affordable as other products.

Product #1: Vintage Grow HIGH YIELD Dual Spectrum Hydroponics 45W LED Grow Light Bulb Lamp

Use this amazing light to grow your cannabis and other medicinal plants. It is easy to install and you don’t need much to put it to work. It will let you grow your plants efficiently, as it is designed to grow plants with flowering phase. It brings the right frequencies to your plants.

Among the good things of the Vintage Grow HIGH YIELD Dual Spectrum Hydroponics 45W LED Grow Light Bulb Lamp, we have:
• This light has the right led lights to grow greens, which help to the health of the leafs and stems of all your crops.
• It is very easy to install since all you need is an electrical outlet. Your flowering harvests will grow to its full potential when you use this light.
• The design is perfect to irradiate light in the right direction.
• This is the right combination of light to grow plants with flowers.
• This product is rated to work 24/7.
• You can make your crops grow faster and with more blooms

On the bad side, we have:
• For a fixed installation the electrical cord is not required, and there are adaptations to do.
• For example, when you just use it to grow leafy greens it is too much for them.
• This is a premium product that may be too much for certain crops.

07. Our Recommendation about Best Led Grow Lights

The previous products are all good for harvesting in general. However, when it comes to specific plants, some led grow lights are better than others. Next we are going to bring you some advice on which is the best led grow light for some specific plants.

07.01. Best Led Grow Light for Cannabis

If you want to grow cannabis, we highly recommend you to use the Vintage Grow HIGH YIELD Full Spectrum Hydroponics (Product #3 of our previous section). It is tuned to the frequencies cannabis and other flowering plants need.

Besides, there are different power options that will allow you to plant in small or big spaces. This means that you could enhance the development of a single plant or of a room full of them, just choosing the right power for your needs.

The 12W vintage grow high yield full spectrum hydroponics LED grow light bulb lamp is compatible with any standard socket. You can use any existing spot at home to place this lightbulb. When you have a dedicated room, the 45W model is the best choice. It can be plugged in a standard electrical outlet.
The best of this light is that it does not require more power than the essentials. By having the right LEDs to grow cannabis, there is no need of cooling, unlike other options to grow flowering plants. Therefore, in the long run you will be saving money on power bills.

After using this light, you will notice a significant improvement on the buds of your harvest. They will look bigger and healthier than before.

07.02. Best Led Grow Light for Vegetables

If you are just growing greens, then use the 45W LED Grow Light, UNIFUN New Light Plant Bulbs Plant Growing Bulb for Hydroponic Aquatic Indoor Plants (Product #8). This is a great choice for those who are looking to grow just veggies (no fruits).

This light is enhancing for leafy plants. It has the best frequency choice to promote their growth. In addition, it has a low cost. You pay less for the hardware and for your electricity bill as you can cover a good area with less power than with other products. This is because you don’t need any fans to cool the device.

The UV lights will eradicate any bacteria of your plants. This is important for most herbs. The design is very compact. It is less than 2 inches’ width. It can fit anywhere. One of the great things about this light is that its electrical connection is in the side instead of on the top. This simple change makes it perfect for a place with height restrictions. You can place it right next to the ceiling easily.
The package includes hangers and screws. You will get everything to start harvesting your crops!

08. How can you Care of your Led Grow Light?

Most led grow lights without fans are maintenance free. This is because the LED itself is a very durable device that does not require much. However, we recommend you to add a voltage conditioner in case the zone where you are harvesting has important voltage variations. All electrical equipment is very sensitive to this sort of changes. Preventing damage is the best approach.

Apart from that, you should keep the unit clean at all times. When the led grow light you chose has fans, then it will require a little more attention. A fan is a mechanical part. It can easily get stuck with the accumulation of mud, dust, and other dirt. To avoid this issue, make an extra effort to clean your lamps. Cleaning them once a month should be enough in most cases.

Whenever you identify that a fan is not working as it should, replace it immediately. Most fans included in led grow lights are standard and you should be able to get it easily on, or asking the manufacturer. Do not let your light work without a fan because there is a risk of overheating it. If it does, the LED components may break.

08. Few Items Related to Led Grow Light

One of the essential things on most settings for led grow lights are the hangers. Some products include them. However, that is not always the case. Check before your checkout if the led grow light you chose includes hangers. If it doesn’t and you need them, add them to your shopping cart. That way you will be able to install your led grow lights as soon as they get to your home.

When you chose a light bulb, we recommend you to have a clamp lamp at hand. The lamps with reflectors are best to spread the light source in the best possible way. There are also timers to automate your lightning efforts. Some of the most useful devices are mechanical outlet options. You can easily attach it to your electrical outlet and then plug the led grow lights. That way you don’t need to get to your crops at certain time just to turn on and off the light. There are other timers with programmable cycles which can be useful. If you are willing to spend a few more bucks, then go for this sort of device as it has many more functions.

Another useful device to take care of your plants is an indoor humidity monitor. This device will help you to keep track of humidity and temperature. That way you are going to assess any ventilation needs. Most devices can keep record of the highest and lowest temperatures.

If you find your ambience too humid, then search for a dehumidifier. Another thing you can get to enhance your crops is an indoor Mylar hydroponics grow tent. It is specifically designed to create the right ambience inside your home. You don’t have to make use of a whole room with this product.

09. Conclusion

When you are looking for the best led grow light, you don’t have to get the fanciest device. Do not let manufacturers flash you with elaborate specs. Look for the kind of light that adjust to your harvesting needs. Depending on what plants you are growing, there are affordable products you can get at

When you buy your lights, make sure you have everything for the installation. If not, get the additional things you need. Looking for other aids like timers or humidity monitors is wise. That way you can make your harvesting tasks easier.