Best LED Grow Light Under 100

You’re on a budget but you want to begin an indoor garden, what do you do? While some things you can make yourself, a grow light is an item you’ll have to buy. Fortunately, not all of these are expensive.

The two best LED grow light under 100 listed below are true gems. They are made well, have good reviews, and are very affordable. Take a look at their features to determine which is right for you.

02. MORSEN Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light

This LED light is one of the most affordable on the market and offers an energy-saving 600W light that consumes only 116W total. With full spectrum light balance, it perfectly replicates natural sunlight so you achieve healthy yield indoors. You can even use the veg and bloom switches to ensure you have the brightness needed for the plant you’re growing in particular.

The morsen light is designed with a smarter reflector cup that gathers light to improve efficiency by 400%-500% versus others. It also features bigger and brighter chips that are essential for growing healthier plants quickly. Last but not least, the variety of colors is the perfect ratio for growth and includes blue, red, yellow, white, and more.


– Great customer service with a 3-year warranty/30-day money back guarantee

– One of the most affordable LED grow lights on the market with great reviews

– Setup is very simple and hangers are provided in the package

– Extremely bright lights that accelerate growth


– Some users report that the veg and bloom switches are not labeled

– Lights easily turn because they are not in a stationary position

– Can be difficult to determine the right distance to place the light

Best LED Grow Light Under 100 info graph

Best LED Grow Light Under 100 info graph


This earned the title of one of the best LED grow light under 100 because of its dynamic balance of PAR output as well as coverage. It offers a concentrated light within your growing area or grow tent to help plants grow strong and more evenly as well. With 12-band full spectrum, this is a high-performance unit that may also help you achieve more rapid results and abundant harvests as well.

When compared to a 250W HPS light, it only consumes 130W. When it comes to coverage, you can expect this to cover 2’x2′ hung at 24″ or 1.5’x1.5′ when hung at 18″. Heat won’t be a concern with this model, either, as it has aluminum cooling heat sinks as well as quiet cooling fans built right in.


– Very sturdy so you can trust it in an enclosed area

– Many buyers report great customer service from the company

– Can help save money on energy use and reduce the need for cooling equipment

– 3-year warranty with 30-day satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind


– Covers only very minimal space, which may mean you’ll need to buy a few if you have a decent size garden

– Not as many reviews, which can make it difficult to choose this over any other options

The best LED grow light under 100 can be a great investment no matter what stage of growth you’re in. With the small price tag and variety of features, you won’t regret your decision to purchase. While there are many other choices on the market, these are by far the best.