Best Led Grow Light For Tomatoes (very Useful)
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Best Led Grow Light For Tomatoes (very Useful)

The Viparspectra 450 Watt LED reflector-series grow light is one of the best grow lights for vegetables. Its Amazon identification number is B015FLSOCE. It is perhaps the best led grow light for tomatoes for several reasons.

Supports All Phases of Growth

This grow light puts out a balanced mix of red and blue light. It helps seedlings to grow and fosters leaf growth. It ranks as the best led grow light for tomatoes because its blue light output is enough to make stems strong while encouraging flower and fruit production. Note that these lights are great for tomatoes and many other vegetables but not strong enough for orchids or sun-loving plants.

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It Covers a Decent Area

This grow light covers a two and a half foot by two and a half foot area when the light is two feet above the target area. If you put it two feet above the plants, it only covers a two foot by two foot area. This is enough lit area to enhance the growth of two staked tomato plants. Or you can accelerate the growth of even more seedlings before you plant them outside. If you plant them outside, they’ll need to be one to two feet apart if staked, two to three feet apart if caged.

Energy Efficient

The reflector maximizes the light received by the plants while minimizing energy consumption. This grow light generates as much light as a 400 Watt metal hydride or HPS light, yet it only consumes 200 watts. This means you’ll save money on electricity for this grow light as well as get a unit cheaper than HPS grow lights.

It Won’t Burn Your Plants – Literally

This grow light has fast, quiet fans to prevent the LED grow light from overheating and burning your plants. Its cooling heat sinks prevent the LED itself from generating so much heat that makes a grow tent or living room too hot. That makes this grow lamp 70% cooler than comparable high intensity discharge lamps.

Be sure to place the lamp somewhere that it has adequate airflow, since a blocked fan cannot keep things cool; in a worst case scenario, it can get so hot that the lenses melt. This means you can’t put the light right at the top of an enclosed grow tent if the tent’s sides are trapping the exhaust from the fans.

Note that this grow lamp is not to be used outdoors. That makes this the best led grow light for tomatoes if you’re growing them in an enclosed space.

Customer Service

The Viparspectra 450 watt grow lamp comes with a three year warranty. You have thirty days to return it if dissatisfied. The challenge you may face is getting the warranty honored if you used the light at all, so if it has issues, return it as soon as possible.

Everything in One Package

The Viparspectra grow lamp kit comes with the one large grow light, a hanging kit and a single six foot power cord. You don’t need extra ballast to make it work. You can control it via a timer, but it does not come with a timer.

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