Top 7 Best Grow Tents on the market in 2018 For Your indoor plants
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Top 7 Best Grow Tents on the market in 2018 For Your indoor plants

Do you know what are the best grow tents on the market in 2018 ? If not ,this article is for you.You will know here the best grow tents on the market now .we give you the honest information so that you can take a proper decision.

Are you an avid indoor gardening or are you someone just getting started? No matter your skill level, grow tents can be great pieces of equipment to have. In addition to providing protection from light and hot/cold indoor temperatures, this also offers a dedicated space for all your plants. If this is something you could get use out of, those below are rated the best to invest in.

Top 7 Best Grow Tents on the market

1. Valuebox Indoor Gardening Grow Tent

This is the first among the best grow tents on the market. Valuebox tent is the ideal choice thanks to its solid construction. It measures 24″ x 24″ x 48″ and has a viewing window so you can see your plants inside without having to open the interior. However, this manufacturer does offer several other larger sizes to accommodate gardeners with more plants. The strong interlocking frame inside ensures it’s sturdy once in use.


– Built-in window so you can see your plants without opening the door.
– Quality material that ensures your grow tent will last years.
– Affordable price that makes indoor gardening much easier to take advantage of.
– Light proof with tough canvas so light isn’t able to escape.


– Light can escape through the area where the zipper is located.
– There are also pinholes that can leak light as well.
– Many users found it difficult to set the tent up despite instructions being included.
– Window included isn’t crystal clear.

2. iPower Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent for IndoorSeedling Plant Growing

This is one of the best grow tents on the market.Available in a few different sizes, this iPower product is highly reviewed unit with a design that makes indoor gardening less of a hassle. This includes a floor tray that’s easy to clean, a frame that’s made out of steel, an extra thick exterior material with reflective Mylar interior, and double duct port enclosures.


– Heavy duty zippers that are double stitched, which will help increase longevity.
– Reduced light introduction thanks to heavy material.
– Adjustable vent doors that let you control how much air goes through the tent at any given time.
– Water-resistant removable tray that catches anything that falls.
– 1-year warranty with good customer service.


– Zipper can be difficult to maneuver and use at all.
– It can take a long time to open and close the door because of zipper.
– Many owners have found that the light leaks through various spots on the tent.
– The tray may not catch everything that falls.

Best Grow Tents info graph
Best Grow Tents info graph

3. Hydroponic Grow Tent by Apollo Horticulture

This grow tent measures 48″x24″x60″ and is made of a thick material that’s lined on the interior with reflective Mylar. The heavy-duty zippers are double stitched to further prevent light leaks and the design includes metal vents for added stability when in use. If you plan on using the duct ports, those are located on the interior lining along with sock and mesh vents.


– The structure can withstand over 100 pounds of weight.
– Can easily accommodate lights and fans without extreme installation.
– Metal frame easily locks together so it’s easy to build.
– Metal frame is easy to take down or move around your house.


– No viewing window, which means not being able to see inside.
– Light can leak through the area where the stitching is located for the zipper.
– Many users have found that the material on the outside moves around.

4. Grow Tent for Indoor Plants by Hydroplanet

Although available in many sizes, the 48x48x80 is one of the most popular because it so easily fits in all sizes of homes and apartments. Whether you’re growing one sensitive plant or several different herbs and veggies, this grow tent will reduce the amount of light that shines in and can help control the interior with the reflective Mylar interior.


– 2-year warranty that offers peace of mind.
– Great customer service according to buyers
– 100% reflective Mylar that helps control warmth and reflect any of the grow lights that you use inside the tent.
– Heavy exterior material.


– Some users find pinhole size areas that can introduce light to the tent.
– Must open several zippers to get inside the tent, which makes it take a little bit longer to open and close.
– Many users think it seems smaller in-person.

5. Vivosun Mylar Hdroponic Grow Tent with Window

Measuring 48x24x60 inches, this grow tent by Vivosun is one of the best-selling online. This tent blocks light from escaping and encourages warmth thanks to the 98% reflective Mylar interior lining inside. The heavy-duty metal zipper is one of the features that users love the most, in addition to the extra-thick canvas and easy installation.


– Fast installation means you can have your tent up and ready to house plants in less than an hour.
– High-quality zipper is one of the best around.
– Observation window so you can see inside without opening.


– Observation window is not clear, which makes it difficult to get a good look at what’s inside.
– Moving the tent can cause damage with the frame.
– Not covered under a long-lasting warranty.

6. TopoLite Full Range Indoor Grow Tent 

Designed by TopoLite, this indoor grow tent comes in multiple sizes, including the popular 24x24x48 inch size. The design is well-made and exactly what any indoor gardener would want out of this type of product. This begins with a 96% reflective diamond Mylar interior and oxford cloth material that provides just enough weight for stability. It continues with rectangular vents with mesh for fans and filters.


– Can be put together without the use of any tools.
– Heavy duty zippers that make opening/closing easy.
– Metal rods that offer more durability.
– Multiple vents make it easy to control the amount of air that goes through the tent.


– Minor spots around zipper area, which will allow light to enter into the tent from the outdoors.
– Tubing can be difficult to put together.
– Tubing fits very tightly together and can be difficult to take apart.

7. Best Choice Products Grow Tent

This is the last one among the best grow tents on the market.Made of 600D black polyester, this tent is suitable for indoor gardeners who want ample space and traditional features in their tent. Measuring 32x32x63 inches, this grow tent has a reflective plastic interior and large door to make tending to plants easier and more convenient. Structure is held together with powder-coated metal framework and flexible plastic connectors.


– The top of the tent has a roof cross where you can adjust or install lights within just a few minutes.
– Can be used with 400, 600 and 1,000 watt grow lights.
– Multiple vents to control air flow easily.
– Relatively easy to assemble and comes with instructions.


– Can be difficult to disassemble.
– Zippers can come off easily and result in the tent opening quite easily.
– Doesn’t come with long-lasting warranty.
– Not as large as other tents.

These above 7 are the best grow tents on the market.You can easily buy and use them for your indoor plants.