Best COB LED Grow Light 2018-You May Consider !
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Best COB LED Grow Light 2018-You May Consider !

Have you heard of COB lights? These are creating quite a stir within the indoor growing community because they consume much less power while outputting more light. COB stands for “Chip-On-Board,” meaning that several lights are installed within a single chip.

If you’re looking for the best COB LED grow light 2018, then look no further. These lights have high reviews, great features and are recognized by the community for helping plants of all sizes grow. Best of all, they are affordable and provide all the light your plants would ever need.

01.HollandStar COB-X5 1000W, Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Growing

They don’t get much stronger and better than this. Here you get a COB X5 light that is capable of lighting a wide area and giving plants all the nutrient-rich light then need. Not only that, but these lights cover the whole light spectrum. This is essential for accelerating growth and ensuring your plants grow nice and big.


At 1000W of output power, this can easily give off enough light and heat during all phases of plant growth. This particular light specializes in the blooming stage, but it’s ideal for all other phases as well. Just adjust the light as needed to ensure that each plant gets enough light and you’ll have no problem creating produce indoors.

There are fans in the back to reduce heat and some slots in the back so that the light doesn’t overheat. This is especially important with COB lights since there are some many LEDs packed into a small area.


-Uses a powerful X5 COB light that makes it one of the best COB LED growth lights 2018.

-Has a powerful output of 1000W, but only runs on a fraction of that much power.

-Specializes in blooming along with all other growth phases.


-The heat sink fans are louder than other ones, so you may want to keep this in an enclosed area that no one will hear.

02.Roleadro COB 400W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, Daisy Chain Function

Coming with two COB lights, this is great for small indoor gardens or a few plants. Not only is it easy to fit in any area, but it comes with daisy chain functionality. This allows you to infinitely chain COB LED lights together as your growing area increases.

Using full spectrum technology, this will feed your plants every type of light they need to grow properly. It also outputs 400W, which should be more than enough for small indoor growing. As this produces a lot of heat, there are heat sink fans in the back to ensure light never overheats.

What makes this one of the best COB LED grow lights 2018 is that is covers areas so well and that it’s simple to install.


-Incredibly easy to install and daisy chain infinite units.

-Provides a full spectrum of color to ensure your plants grow properly.

-Uses on/off switches on each unit so that you can properly light your area.


-The two COB lights don’t cover as big an area as the X5.

Best COB LED Grow Light infographic
Best COB LED Grow Light infographic

03.Dimmable full Spectrum COB 900 watt led grow light

This is another good quality COB full spectrum led grow light in the market.Though its price is little bit high but It produce very high quality light that help the plants to grow well in their all stages.You can use it in your hydroponics or green house where you need artificial light.There are 520w,1280w and 1660 w light also available in this brand.So you can consider this light for your plants


01. It produce very high quality light that increase yield 20% more than other lights.

02. It produce red,blue,white and uv light that enhance plants in every growth stage.

03. It is made by Bloombeast one of the best led grow light producing companies in China.

04. Its design is very unique and it looks beautiful.

05. You can get 90 days money back  guarantee and 5 years warranty.

06. They also offer 6 month replacement for free.


01. Price is Little bit high.

02. Few buyer complain they did not get the proper direction to control adjusting knobs.

Above three are the best cob led grow light 2018.You can buy any one of them but last one is the best.