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Top 7 Best 900 Watt Led Grow Light Review From Leading Manufacturers

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900 Watt Led Grow Light

If you are looking for high quality 900 watt led grow lights for your indoor plants, you have come to the right place. The 900 watt led grow light feature the highest grade of diodes to produce the best vegetation and bloom possible for all your indoor plants. They come with added UV and IR spectrums to give your plants a brilliant look.

The LEDs have gone through quality workmanship to produce more yields. This proven technology delivers exactly what your plants need. If you are a first time buyer and you are experiencing difficulties choosing the best LED grow lights for your plant’s particular needs, we have summarized the best LED grow lights from leading industry manufacturers. Let me walk you through the top 7 best 900 watt led grow lights;

07. BOOCOSA LED 900W grow light

BOOCOSA LED combines an optimal blend of different bands to give your plants finely tuned spectrum that they need. The grower can choose VEG and BLOOM light spectrums for maximum yields. In addition, it saves 80% more energy compared with traditional lighting fixtures. The grow light contains diodes that are Zener protected to avoid any unwanted line surges. It’s also equipped with 90 degree secondary focusing lenses to allow light penetrate deep within the canopy.


· It has a long lifespan of more than 100,000 hours

· It’s easy to install and use

· It comes with excellent heat dissipation features

· The fan is extremely quiet

· Comes with a 3-year warranty and 30-days satisfaction guarantee


· It’s not water-resistant

06. KINGBO Dual Optical Lens-Series 900W Led Grow Light

It features full Spectrum 12-Band which includes UV and IR spectrums that give everything a plant desires from natural sunlight. The 900 watt led grow light comes with dual optical lens which gives a viewing angle of 90 and 120 degrees to allow enough light penetrate the plant canopy. Further, it’s fitted with selectable vegetation/bloom switches to allow the indoor farmer choose the right spectrum according to the plant growth stage. The package includes KINGBO grow light, hanging kits, user manual and 5ft power cord.


· When one led is out, the others will still work

· It has a long lifespan of more than 50,000 lighting hours

· It’s energy efficient and safe to use

· It comes with a 3-year warranty and 30-days customer satisfaction guarantee

· The cooling fan does not produce noise when working


· It’s not water proof, hence suitable for indoor use only

· It gives low lighting coverage compared to other LED grow lights in the same category

05. MEIZHI Reflector Series 900 Watt LED Grow Light 

It comes with 12-band full spectrums and bloom/growth switches. It can be used for all plant growth stages; sprout seedling, vegetation, flowering and ripening stages. The IR LED promotes cell division. The grow light is fitted with self-cooling aluminum, a unique heat sink design and 3 fast speed cooling fans to maximize heat dissipation area. The 900 Watt LED grow light comes with a daisy chain which allows the user to connect with other LED grow light to extend light coverage. Further, it’s fitted with 120 degree reflector panel to give the plants the light they need.


· It’s durable. The grow light comes with a longer lifespan of 50000-100000hours

· Comes with stronger hanging kits, hence convenient to install

· The cooling fans are quiet

· It comes with 1-year maintenance service,3-months free repair and 30-days customer satisfaction guarantee

· Full spectrum enables flowers and plants grow better


· Staring at the light directly could damage your eyes

· It’s not water-resistant

04. LED UFO Morsen 900w Grow Light

It’s a full spectrum led grow light best for both growing stage and blooming stage of plants. The 900 watt led grow light is suitable for greenhouse farming, pipeline cultivation, water soluble breeding, tissue culture, flower farming etc. The LED’s consist of 90pcs which include; Red 68pcs, Blue 16pcs, white 4pcs, 1UVpcs and 1 IR pcs. The lighting area coverage is 2.5 x2.5 ft. However, the height and lighting area is changeable according to different plants and environments. The recommended lighting time during the vegetative stage is 12-14 hours, 9-12 hours during the flowering stage and 7- 8 hours during the fruiting stage.


· Free hanging kits are available for easy installation

· It saves more than 90% of electrical energy. In fact it’s 3 to 5 times energy efficient than HID lights

· Gives more than 100,000 lighting hours

· It comes with a 3-year warranty and 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee


· The cooling fan is a bit noisy

03. G8LED 900W MEGA LED Grow Light

It was awarded the 2016 Best LED grow light by HIGH TIMES Magazine. It features high quality optimal 8-band which includes IR and UV spectrums. In addition, it’s made and tested in USA. The 900 watt led grow light provides intense coverage of 24 square feet. However, you can add 90W red flower boosters to maximize yield. The light penetrates up to 60 inches past the plant canopy.


· Cool enough to touch even after 24 hours of use

· It’s energy efficient and gives the highest yield per unit of energy consumed

· Comes with a 2-year warranty


· The price is too high compared to other LEDs in the category

02. Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W 12- Band LED Grow Light

It’s the most powerful 900 watt led grow light in the market today. It features the highest PAR/lumen output and 12-band full spectrum. Further, it comes with selectable VEG/FLOWER switches .For heat dissipation; it’s fitted with 4x high speed fans and aluminum cooling heat sinks. The grow light is equipped with 300pcs 3w LEDs.


· Comes with a 5-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee

· It delivers maximum output with as minimal input

The fan is quiet


· The price is a bit too high

01. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 900W LED Grow Light

The 900 watt led grow light is ideal for all kinds of indoor plants. It’s coated with resin to increase durability. On the other hand, it comes with high speed quite cooling fans and aluminum cooling heat sinks which makes the LED grow light 70% cooler compared to other HID lights. The LEDs have a viewing angle of 90 degrees. After many years of testing, the PAR/Lumen and suitable coverage has been balanced.


· It’s extremely bright and energy efficient

· It gives more than 100,000 lighting hours

· Comes with 3-year warranty and 30-days customer satisfaction guarantee

· The cooling fans are quiet


· It’s not water-proof, hence not suitable for outdoor use

The above 900 watt LED grow lights are carefully selected from world-class established companies. It’s recommended that you choose the LED grow light that suits your plants growth.