450 watt led grow light:

A good number of LED grow lights have now entered the market. They save energy compared to other standard lighting. Today, indoor farmers are taking LED lighting as a long-term investment. On the other hand, they are affordable, sturdy and effective for indoor lighting. Let me walk you through the top 7 best 450  watt Led grow lights so that you can find the one that fits your needs;

07. HERO-LED X3 H8-450W-RC LED Grow Light

It features high power LEDs designed for plants during the flowering stage. Further, it consumes low power and virtually produces no heat. The led grow light is equipped with reliable fans which is a reflection of superior craftsmanship. The optical lens magnifies PAR to create greater light penetration to plants. The 450 watt led grow light will cultivate high quality record breaking yields.


· It does not produce excess heat; no extra fan is needed

· The 700mA LED driver increases diode efficiency resulting to higher yields

· It’s suitable for global energy environment

· It comes with a 2-year warranty


· Compared to other LED grow lights in gives low area light coverage

06. SPIDER FARMER Dimmable series 450 Watt LED Grow Light

It comes with dual dimmer switches which allow one to choose the light intensity needed for each stage of plants growth. The 120 degree reflector panel ensures light is 100% dispersed to plants. It’s perfect for 2ftx 3.5ft growing area which makes it suitable for greenhouse hydroponic plants sprout, vegetation, flowering and ripening stages. The heat dissipation system includes two fast speed quiet cooling fans and high quality aluminum heat sinks.


· It’s long lasting

· It’s covered with one year warranty and comes with 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee

· The cooling fans are quiet

· It’s suitable for all plant growth stages

· Free repair is offered within 3 months of purchase


· It is not water resistant and operates well under 80% humidity

· You must place the light within the minimum coverage to avoid crowding your plants

05. G8LED 450 Watt LED Grow Light

This is one of the most popular G8LED products. In fact, it was awarded the 2016 Best LED Grow Light by HIGH TIMES Magazine. It features the most innovative indoor grow lighting technology and efficient LED grow light system. The led grow light comes with high quality optimal 8-band wavelength ratio which includes Ultraviolet (UV) and real Infrared (IR).

The quality and performance is unparalleled. The product is made and tested in USA .Similarly; it’s equipped with highest quality diodes, fans, power supplies and casings. The G8LED lights produces high yields and are perfect for all stages of plants growth. In addition, the light penetrates up to 60 inches past the plant canopy.


· The color lights are well formulated making it the most efficient 450 watt led grow light

· It comes with a 2 year warranty

· The package includes a set of hanging wires


· It’s not water resistant

04. MEIZHI 450W Led Grow Light

It features dual growth and bloom switches, daisy chain, 120 degree reflector panel and 12 band full spectrums. To dissipate heat, it’s equipped with fast speed cooling fans and high quality aluminum heat sinks. It’s perfect for greenhouse hydroponic plants and indoor plant growing. The IR leds are dim but helpful for plants on bloom stages while the daisy chain allows one to connect with another led grow light to extend coverage.


· It can last up to 100,000 hours before burning out

· Compared to HID lamps, it’s much cooler

· It’s energy efficient and produces much light

· It comes with 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee

· The cooling fans are quiet

· The buyer enjoys 3 months free repair


· It has low light coverage area of 2ft*3.5ft

03. King 450w led grow light

It’s a full spectrum led grow light with a color ratio similar to that of sunlight. It includes red, blue, yellow, white UV and IR spectrums. It’s equipped with aluminum heat sink and two fans to keep the light working for long hours without heating. The 450 watt led grow light is ideal for all phases of plant growth.

The recommended lighting time is; 12-14 hours for the vegetative stage, 9-12 hours for flowering stage and 7- 8 hours during the fruiting stage. It’s perfect for hydroponics,aquaponics, horticulture and green house farming. The UV and IR spectrums reduce the plant disease and kills bacteria. The LED has a lighting angle of 120 degrees.


· It saves 50%-70% of energy costs

· No other cooling systems are needed

· It comes with a 3-year warranty and 30-days money back guarantee

· It comes with a high lighting effect

· It’s water resistant

· It works well with water solution soil culture

· The led gives huge yields with less heat


· The IR led is dim and cannot be seen by naked eyes

02. Advanced Platinum Series 450 Watt LED Grow Light

The 450 watt led grow light provides one of the highest lumen/watt output compared to other LED grow lights in the category. It features 12-band full spectrum which includes UR and IR spectrums. In addition, it’s designed to give higher yields at lower growing temperatures. The grow light features 2 lenses; secondary for 90 degrees viewing angle while the primary one is for 60 degree viewing. This allows the light to penetrate the canopy perfectly.


· It produces 100% usable light perfect for photosynthesis

· It comes with unprecedented 5-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee


· The price is too high for amateur growers

01. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series V450 LED Grow Light

It’s scientifically designed to keep the balance of lumen output and lighting coverage. It features a full spectrum layout giving an equivalent of natural sunlight. The many years of careful experimentation makes the LED perfect for indoor growers. The 450 watt led grow light is fitted with high speed cooling fans and revolutionary aluminum cooling heat sinks. This ensures the grow light is 70% cooler than other leds.


· It has a lighting lifespan of more than 100,000 hours

· The fun is extremely quiet and keeps the unit cool when operating

· It’s suitable for all stages of plant growth

· It comes with 3 years warranty plus 30-days customer return guarantee

· It’s simple to set up and use


· It’s not water proof

· The light can damages someone’s eyes when looked at directly

In summary, the 450 watt led grow lights are perfect for people who grow a wide range of indoor plants and flowers. They give an excellent value for money.