45 watt led grow lights

Top 7 Best 45 watt led grow lights review for you.

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45 Watt Led Grow lights:

The 45 watt led grow lights are energy efficient and saves you a lot of money in the long run. Unlike traditional lights that create a lot of heat and force you to invest in high powered fans, led grow lights do not generate heat. Led grow lights neither wears over time nor decrease in brightness and so you do not have to replace them as is the case with traditional lights. The seven 45 watt led grow lights in this list are the best.

1. Vintage Grow 45W Led Lamp

It is a good plant light for cannabis and medicinal plants growth. Its features include the following:

– Leads to high yields since you harvest dense buds with it.

– Has a dual spectrum which creates precise wavelengths which cause good plant and flower growth.

– Has low power and heat consumption.

– Easy to set up as it requires no special equipment.

– It comes with a user manual and a one year warranty.

2. Lighttunnel 45W Lighting

It is best suited for cloning, vegetative and flowering cycles. Some of its features are:

– Has Red Leds with 630 nm wavelength which works well in the plant flowering, fruiting and budding stages to improve the harvest.

– Has Blue Leds with 470 nm wavelength absorbed by plants for photosynthesis promoting plant growth.

3. HIGROW 45W 225 LEDS 6-Band Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

This led light has the following features that make it a good indoor grow light:

– It has a new upgrade aluminium alloy frame design which leads better heat dissipation and makes it it safer and stronger.

– It has an advanced full spectrum 6-band which is the most useful spectrum for your plants.- Has a new upgrade hanging kit which is easy to use.

4. Growstar Ultrathin 45W Grow Light

This is a 45 watt led grow with these specifications:

– Has a low power consumption of 45W.

– It is made of aluminium and has an on/off switch.

– It is applicable for seeding, growing, flowering and fruiting.This light is for indoor use only and it is not waterproof.


It is most efficient for aquatic indoor plants. It has these features:

– Red light wavelength of 660 nm and blue light wavelength of 460 nm.

– The recommended working environment temperatures are between 20-40 degrees.

– It is elegant and lightweight making it easy to transport and install.

6. Roleadro 45W Light

It has a specific spectrum growing and flowering. Some of its features are:

– Has a professional spectrum ratio red:blue= 2.25:1 which is the most suitable ratio for seed and leaf growing.

– Ensures a good light effect since it has high end concentrating cup kit silver surface temperature oil spray.

7. KINGBO Reflecto 

This led light includes a specific switch for growing and flowering. It has the following features:

– Has a core coverage at 24″ Height 1 by 1 feat. and maximum coverage of 2 by 2 feat.

– Has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours.

It is clear that 45 watt led grow lights are the best option for indoor grows because they are cheap, easy to install and they have a long service.