300 watt led grow light

Top 7 best 300 Watt Led Grow light Review Guide for Growing Plants Indoors

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300 watt led grow light:

Growing plants requires proper spectrum of light. Today, LED grow lights have become a popular choice among horticultural growers thanks to the advancement of LED technology. They are energy efficient and easy to use . Less heat means you save money in the long-run. They come with small built-in fans so, the user does not require additional ventilation. As technology continues to evolve, the led grow lights offer several advantages over fluorescent lighting options. Let’s look at some of the top 7 best 300 watt led grow lights;

07. Anjeet 300W LED Panel Grow Light

Anjeet 300W LED Panel Grow Light is a huge brand in LED lighting. It’s brighter than other LEDs which makes it suitable for growing greenhouse plants. It features 100PCS of 3W LEDs and offers the highest lumen output. The grow light is equipped with 2 cooling fans; hence it does not generate ultra heat when working for long hours. Similarly, to make better heat dissipation, it comes with a big heat sink which gives it a longer service life. The full spectrum design makes it one of the best 300 watt led grow light suitable for growing plants in any growth cycle. The LED grow light has a wavelength range of 380nm – 800 nm.


· The superior spectrum is suitable for all growth cycles

· It comes with a 3-year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee

· The fan is super quiet

· The parts are easily available


· For full foliage coverage, additional reflective surfaces on walls may be required

06. Lightimetunnel 300w full spectrum led grow light

It features a new technology to produce a high lumen output thanks to the double chips. The full spectrum layout makes it suitable for indoor plants in the different growth stages. In addition, the 300 watt led grow light comes with a big fan and aluminum board to keep down the temperatures. The outside part is constructed in a pure heat-sink fashion; hence it does not generate heat when used for long hours. This ensures the wavelength of light is fully absorbed by the plants for photosynthesis.


· It’s safe to use. The big fan prompts heat dissipation

· It accelerates the process of photosynthesis

· It’s suitable for all the stages of plant growth; growth, sprouting, flowering and fruiting stage

· It shortens the growth cycle of plants

· It comes with even color distribution


· The hanger is purchased separately

05. Ledgle LED grow light 300W full spectrum

Ledgle is designed to allow the user choose between bloom and vegetative mode. It features 50 packs of 6W LEDs. Further, the LED can cover 2feet x 1.5feet during the flowering stage and 3feet x 2feet during the vegetative stage. It comes with 11 bands full spectrum including UV, IR and white. The inside and outside parts are made of aluminum for heat dissipation.


· It’s equipped with two cooling fans

· Factory spare parts are available

· It comes with 2 quiet cooling fans

· It’s suitable for indoor potted landscape or garden

· It can be used for all kinds of flower plants

· The product is cheap for the price


· Compared to other 300W LEDs, it has a shorter best work time

04. Roleadro Upgrade and newly developed LED Grow Light

Every led emits full spectrum giving similar light to sunshine. It functions well on germination and growth stages. The 300 watt led grow light features a full spectrum where blue, purple, red, yellow and purple spectrum is included. The grow light comes with 90 and 120 degree viewing angle. The package includes the LED grow light, a power cord and a stainless steel hanger.


· It comes with longer lifespan

· It’s suitable for all growth stages

· The fan produces low noise level

· It has a longer lifespan of 50000-100000 hours

· Uniform light is emitted


· It gives low area coverage

03. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED grow light

It’s one of the top brands in the market. The LED grow light features a full spectrum and can be used on the all stages of plant growth. It gives more light quality at low price. On the other hand, it balances the coverage and lumen output. For heat dissipation, it’s equipped with big aluminum cooling heat sink and a fan.


· It produces less heat saving on extra cooling equipment

· The LED light gives the plants everything they require in natural sunlight.

· It comes with 3 years warranty and 30 days return satisfaction guarantee

· It features a lifespan of 100,000 hours


· It comes with a low light coverage

· It’s design is concentrated outside the growing area
which can result to sun burning and stunted growth

02. Galaxyhydro LED grow light

It’s a budget-friendly LED light. It features the highest quality 100pcs 3W Epileds chips. Secondly, it’s equipped with a constant current driver circuit which regulates the intensity of light according to temperature changes. For better heat dissipation, it’s equipped with two cooling fans that are UL approved. It can work for more than 20 hours without burning the plants. The product has been tested to give the best solution for indoor growing.


· It comes with a generous warranty of 2 years

· It has a light lifespan of 50,000 hours

· When one led is not working, the others will continue working

· It’s energy efficient


· The spare parts are only available from the manufacturer

01. MarsHydro Mars300 led grow light

This is the perfect 300 watt led grow light priced under $100. Every LED has a right angle of 120 degrees. The red spectrum promotes plant growth during the germination, flowering and fruiting stages. On the other hand, the UV and IR reduce plant diseases. For better heat dissipation, it’s equipped with a three cooling fan plus Sunflower radiator system. It features an optimal spectrum that has been tested by growers to produce high quality yields. The LED light is beneficial for plants blooming and fruiting.


· The cooling fan does not produce noise

· It comes with a 2-year warranty and 30-days money back guarantee

· It’s great for photosynthesis


· It’s not water-proof

· You may need to use more than one if you have many plants

In a nut shell, LED grow lights are quickly growing in popularity. They return much higher yields for lower levels of electricity consumed. If you are thinking about getting LED grow light to boost your plants, you can choose any of the above 300 watt led grow light that suits your taste and preference.