150 watt led grow lights

Top 5 Best 150 Watt Led Grow Lights Review for you

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150 Watt Led Grow Lights

Over the past few decades, the 150 watt led grow lights have become popular to expert gardeners. They have outperformed other grow lights in the market. They are environmental friendly and more energy efficient. The LED grow lights have a lower heat signature which makes them less likely to burn the leaves of plants. Let me walk you through the top 5 best 150 watt led grow lights;

05. BEAMNOVA UFO LED Grow light

It features a powerful cooling system which consists of built-in quiet fans. It comes with different bands full spectrum which includes red, blue, white, yellow, orange, IR and UV. The professional color proportion aids in faster growth of plants to give maximum yield. The quality epileds LEDs are able to emit controlled light for plant growth. It also comes with a powerful hanging kit for easy and secure installation. The blue led’s promotes vegetative growth and absorption of nutrients while the red led’s encourages blooming and budding. It’s one of the most dependable 150 watt led grow lights used in horticulture, greenhouses, tissue culture, pipeline cultivation and indoor plants growing.

04. i-Venoya LED grow light

It comes with aluminum housing which makes it light weight. To protect the led’s, it features a perfect cooling capacity. This makes it have a longer lifespan. The firm structure is able to block water and mist making it perfect for use in a high humidity environment. One can easily adjust the brightness of the grow light for different plant stages. The recommended lighting time is between 14-18 hours during the vegetative stage and 10-12 hours during the flowering stage. i-Venoya LED grow light is widely used in vertical farming, greenhouses, indoor gardening etc. It can also be used to grow different plants.

03. Morsen Full Spectrum UFO Led Grow light

It features a full spectrum; red, blue, orange, white, IR and UV which is suitable during the blooming stage of the plant. The ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) stimulates cell division and sterilization to promote yields. Although it works well during all stages of plant growth, it works well with water solution culture. Depending on the plant and environment, you can adjust the height as well as the lighting area. It’s ideal for greenhouse cultivation, pipeline cultivation, flower exhibition etc. It comes with a 3 year warranty.

02. Advanced Platinum Series p150 12 Band LED grow light

The Advanced Platinum Series comes with 12 bands full spectrum which gives your plants 100% usable light. The secret behind the Platinum LED success is the combination of the 12 different bands to complete the light spectrum. No need for a supplement lighting since, you are covered from seedling to harvest. It’s one of the most energy efficient 150 watt led grow lights. It also features a selectable flower and vegetation switch. The LED grow lights use less electricity and an incredible growing power. It comes with a 90-day money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty. The Advanced Platinum Series is perfectly tuned to create maximum photosynthetic response.

01. Vander LED Grow Light with UV/IR Lamp


It’s one of the most powerful 150 watt led grow lights in the market. It features a crystal plus lens design. One can choose the lighting ratio according to different plants. On the other hand, it’s equipped with 50pcs LEDs that consumes about 150W of power suitable for any plant growth stages. It’s environmental friendly and comes with 1 year warranty.

The 150 watt led grow lights are the cutting edge of how LED lights should look like thanks to the brilliant technology.